Working with AWS services - AWS SDK for Swift

Working with AWS services

This section provides guidance and programming examples demonstrating how to use the AWS SDK for Swift to perform specific common tasks using AWS services.

Find the source code for these examples and others in the AWS documentation code examples repository on GitHub.

To propose a new code example or tutorial for the AWS documentation team to consider producing, create a new request. The team is looking to produce code examples that cover broader scenarios and use cases, versus simple code snippets that cover only individual API calls. For instructions, see the "Proposing new code examples" section in the Readme on GitHub.

Prerelease documentation

This is prerelease documentation for an SDK in preview release. It may be incomplete and is subject to change.

In addition, versions of the SDK prior to version 1.0.0 may have flaws, and no guarantee is made about the API’s stability. Changes can and will occur that break compatibility during the prerelease stage. These releases are not intended for use in production code!