AWS SDK Version 2 for .NET
API Reference

AWS services or capabilities described in AWS Documentation may vary by region/location. Click Getting Started with Amazon AWS to see specific differences applicable to the China (Beijing) Region.

.NET Framework 4.5


Class AmazonClientException Exception thrown by the SDK for errors that occur within the SDK.
Class AmazonServiceClient
Class AmazonServiceException A base exception for some Amazon Web Services.

Most exceptions thrown to client code will be service-specific exceptions, though some services may throw this exception if there is a problem which is caught in the core client code.

Class AmazonUnmarshallingException This exception is thrown when there is a parse error on the response back from AWS.
Class AmazonWebServiceRequest Base class for request used by some of the services.
Class AmazonWebServiceResponse Abstract class for Response objects, contains only metadata, and no result information.
Class AnonymousAWSCredentials Anonymous credentials. Using these credentials, the client does not sign the request.
Class AssumeRoleAWSCredentials Credentials that are retrieved by invoking AWS Security Token Service AssumeRole or AssumeRoleWithSAML action.
Class AWSCredentials Abstract class that represents a credentials object for AWS services.
Class BasicAWSCredentials Basic set of credentials consisting of an AccessKey and SecretKey
Class ClientConfig This class is the base class of all the configurations settings to connect to a service.
Class ConstantClass Base class for constant class that holds the value that will be sent to AWS for the static constants.
Class EnvironmentAWSCredentials Credentials that are retrieved from ConfigurationManager.AppSettings
Class EnvironmentVariablesAWSCredentials Uses aws credentials stored in environment variables to construct the credentials object. AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY are used for the access key id and secret key. If the variable AWS_SESSION_TOKEN exists then it will be used to create temporary session credentials.
Class ExceptionEventArgs
Class ExceptionEventHandler
Class HeadersRequestEventArgs
Class HttpRequestMessageFactory A factory which creates HTTP requests which uses System.Net.Http.HttpClient.
Class HttpWebRequestMessage HTTP request wrapper for System.Net.Http.HttpRequestMessage.
Class ImmutableCredentials Immutable representation of AWS credentials.
Class InstanceProfileAWSCredentials Credentials that are retrieved from the Instance Profile service on an EC2 instance
Class PreRequestEventArgs
Class PreRequestEventHandler
Class RefreshingAWSCredentials Abstract class for automatically refreshing AWS credentials
Class RequestEventArgs
Class RequestEventHandler
Class ResponseEventArgs
Class ResponseEventHandler
Class ResponseMetadata Information about the request.
Class RetryPolicy A retry policy specifies all aspects of retry behavior. This includes conditions when the request should be retried, checks of retry limit, preparing the request before retry and introducing delay (backoff) before retries.
Class SessionAWSCredentials Session credentials consisting of AccessKey, SecretKey and Token
Class SignatureException This exception is thrown if there are problems signing the request.
Class StoredProfileAWSCredentials Credentials that are retrieved using the stored profile. The SDK Store is searched which is the credentials store shared with the SDK, PowerShell CLI and Toolkit. To manage the SDK Store with the SDK use Amazon.Util.ProfileManager. If the profile is not found in the SDK Store then credentials file shared with other AWS SDKs is searched. The credentials file is stored in the .aws directory in the current user's home directory.

The profile name can be specified in the App.config using the AWSProfileName setting.

The location to search for credentials can be overridden in the App.config using the AWSProfilesLocation setting.

Class StreamTransferProgressArgs
Class WebServiceExceptionEventArgs
Class WebServiceRequestEventArgs
Class WebServiceResponseEventArgs


Interface IAsyncExecutionContext
Interface IAsyncRequestContext
Interface IAsyncResponseContext
Interface IExceptionHandler The interface for an exception handler.
Interface IExceptionHandler<> The interface for an exception handler with a generic parameter for the exception type.
Interface IExecutionContext
Interface IHttpRequest<> The interface for an HTTP request that is agnostic of the underlying HTTP API.
Interface IHttpRequestFactory<> The interface for a HTTP request factory.
Interface IMetricsFormatter User supplied type to perform metrics formatting.
Interface IMetricsTiming Represents how long a phase of an SDK request took.
Interface IPipelineHandler Interface for a handler in a pipeline.
Interface IRequestContext
Interface IRequestMetrics Metrics collected by the SDK on a per-request basis.
Interface IResponseContext


Enum ErrorType Which end of a request was responsible for a service error response.
Enum Metric Predefined request metrics that are collected by the SDK.
Enum SigningAlgorithm The valid hashing algorithm supported by the sdk for request signing.