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.NET Framework 4.5
A complex type that specifies the AWS accounts, if any, that you want to allow to create signed URLs for private content. If you want to require signed URLs in requests for objects in the target origin that match the PathPattern for this cache behavior, specify true for Enabled, and specify the applicable values for Quantity and Items. For more information, go to Using a Signed URL to Serve Private Content in the Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide. If you don't want to require signed URLs in requests for objects that match PathPattern, specify false for Enabled and 0 for Quantity. Omit Items. To add, change, or remove one or more trusted signers, change Enabled to true (if it's currently false), change Quantity as applicable, and specify all of the trusted signers that you want to include in the updated distribution.

Inheritance Hierarchy


Namespace: Amazon.CloudFront.Model
Assembly: AWSSDK.dll
Version: (assembly version)


public class TrustedSigners : Object

The TrustedSigners type exposes the following members


Public Method TrustedSigners() Empty constructor used to set properties independently even when a simple constructor is available
Public Method TrustedSigners(List<String>)


Public Property Enabled System.Boolean Gets and sets the property Enabled. Specifies whether you want to require end users to use signed URLs to access the files specified by PathPattern and TargetOriginId.
Public Property Items System.Collections.Generic.List<System.String> Gets and sets the property Items. Optional: A complex type that contains trusted signers for this cache behavior. If Quantity is 0, you can omit Items.
Public Property Quantity System.Int32 Gets and sets the property Quantity. The number of trusted signers for this cache behavior.

Version Information

.NET Framework:
Supported in: 4.5, 4.0, 3.5

.NET for Windows Store apps:
Supported in: Windows 8