AWS SDK Version 2 for .NET
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.NET Framework 3.5
Container for the parameters to the ActivatePipeline operation. Validates the specified pipeline and starts processing pipeline tasks. If the pipeline does not pass validation, activation fails.

If you need to pause the pipeline to investigate an issue with a component, such as a data source or script, call DeactivatePipeline.

To activate a finished pipeline, modify the end date for the pipeline and then activate it.

Inheritance Hierarchy


Namespace: Amazon.DataPipeline.Model
Assembly: AWSSDK.dll
Version: (assembly version)


public class ActivatePipelineRequest : AmazonDataPipelineRequest

The ActivatePipelineRequest type exposes the following members


Public Method ActivatePipelineRequest()


Public Property ParameterValues System.Collections.Generic.List<Amazon.DataPipeline.Model.ParameterValue> Gets and sets the property ParameterValues.

A list of parameter values to pass to the pipeline at activation.

Public Property PipelineId System.String Gets and sets the property PipelineId.

The ID of the pipeline.

Public Property StartTimestamp System.DateTime Gets and sets the property StartTimestamp.

The date and time to resume the pipeline. By default, the pipeline resumes from the last completed execution.

Version Information

.NET Framework:
Supported in: 4.5, 4.0, 3.5

.NET for Windows Store apps:
Supported in: Windows 8