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.NET Framework 3.5
A DynamoDBEntry that represents a scalar DynamoDB type

Inheritance Hierarchy


Namespace: Amazon.DynamoDBv2.DocumentModel
Assembly: AWSSDK.dll
Version: (assembly version)


public class Primitive : DynamoDBEntry
         ICloneable, IEquatable<Primitive>

The Primitive type exposes the following members


Public Method Primitive() Constructs an empty Primitive
Public Method Primitive(string) Constructs a Primitive with the specified value. Value is stored as a string, not numeric.
Public Method Primitive(string, bool) Constructs a Primitive with the specified value and specifies whether it should be stored as a number or not.
Public Method Primitive(MemoryStream) Constructs a Binary Primitive with the specified MemoryStream value. Note: Primitive's Value is set to the stream's ToArray() response.
Public Method Primitive(Byte[]) Constructs a Binary Primitive with the specified byte[] value.


Public Property Type Amazon.DynamoDBv2.DocumentModel.DynamoDBEntryType Type of this primitive object
Public Property Value System.Object Value of the Primitive. If Type is String or Numeric, this property is a string. If Type is Binary, this property is a byte array.


Public Method AsArrayOfDynamoDBEntry() Explicitly convert DynamoDBEntry to DynamoDBEntry[]
Public Method AsArrayOfPrimitive() Explicitly convert DynamoDBEntry to Primitive[]
Public Method AsArrayOfString() Explicitly convert DynamoDBEntry to String[]
Public Method AsBoolean() Explicitly convert Primitive to Boolean
Public Method AsByte() Explicitly convert Primitive to Byte
Public Method AsByteArray() Explicitly convert Primitive to byte[]
Public Method AsChar() Explicitly convert Primitive to Char
Public Method AsDateTime() Explicitly convert Primitive to DateTime
Public Method AsDecimal() Explicitly convert Primitive to Decimal
Public Method AsDocument() Convert DynamoDBEntry to Document
Public Method AsDouble() Explicitly convert Primitive to Double
Public Method AsDynamoDBBool() Convert DynamoDBEntry to DynamoDBBool
Public Method AsDynamoDBList() Convert DynamoDBEntry to DynamoDBList
Public Method AsDynamoDBNull() Convert DynamoDBEntry to DynamoDBNull
Public Method AsGuid() Explicitly convert Primitive to Guid
Public Method AsHashSetOfByteArray() Explicitly convert DynamoDBEntry to HashSet<byte[]>
Public Method AsHashSetOfDynamoDBEntry() Explicitly convert DynamoDBEntry to HashSet<DynamoDBEntry>
Public Method AsHashSetOfMemoryStream() Explicitly convert DynamoDBEntry to HashSet<MemoryStream>
Public Method AsHashSetOfPrimitive() Explicitly convert DynamoDBEntry to HashSet<Primitive>
Public Method AsHashSetOfString() Explicitly convert DynamoDBEntry to HashSet<String>
Public Method AsInt() Explicitly convert Primitive to Int32
Public Method AsListOfByteArray() Explicitly convert DynamoDBEntry to List<byte[]>
Public Method AsListOfDocument() Explicitly convert DynamoDBEntry to List<Document>
Public Method AsListOfDynamoDBEntry() Explicitly convert DynamoDBEntry to List<DynamoDBEntry>
Public Method AsListOfMemoryStream() Explicitly convert DynamoDBEntry to List<MemoryStream>
Public Method AsListOfPrimitive() Explicitly convert DynamoDBEntry to List<Primitive>
Public Method AsListOfString() Explicitly convert DynamoDBEntry to List<String>
Public Method AsLong() Explicitly convert Primitive to Int64
Public Method AsMemoryStream() Explicitly convert Primitive to MemoryStream
Public Method AsPrimitive() Convert DynamoDBEntry to Primitive
Public Method AsPrimitiveList() Convert DynamoDBEntry to PrimitiveList
Public Method AsSByte() Explicitly convert Primitive to SByte
Public Method AsShort() Explicitly convert Primitive to Int16
Public Method AsSingle() Explicitly convert Primitive to Single
Public Method AsString() Explicitly convert Primitive to String
Public Method AsUInt() Explicitly convert Primitive to UInt32
Public Method AsULong() Explicitly convert Primitive to UInt64
Public Method AsUShort() Explicitly convert Primitive to UInt16
Public Method Clone()

Version Information

.NET Framework:
Supported in: 4.5, 4.0, 3.5

.NET for Windows Store apps:
Supported in: Windows 8.1, Windows 8

.NET for Windows Phone:
Supported in: Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8