AWS SDK Version 3 for .NET
API Reference

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Class Budget

AWS Budget model

Class CalculatedSpend

A structure that holds the actual and forecasted spend for a budget.

Class CostTypes

This includes the options for getting the cost of a budget.

Class CreateBudgetRequest

Container for the parameters to the CreateBudget operation. Create a new budget

Class CreateBudgetResponse

Response of CreateBudget

Class CreateNotificationRequest

Container for the parameters to the CreateNotification operation. Create a new Notification with subscribers for a budget

Class CreateNotificationResponse

Response of CreateNotification

Class CreateSubscriberRequest

Container for the parameters to the CreateSubscriber operation. Create a new Subscriber for a notification

Class CreateSubscriberResponse

Response of CreateSubscriber

Class CreationLimitExceededException

Budgets exception

Class DeleteBudgetRequest

Container for the parameters to the DeleteBudget operation. Delete a budget and related notifications

Class DeleteBudgetResponse

Response of DeleteBudget

Class DeleteNotificationRequest

Container for the parameters to the DeleteNotification operation. Delete a notification and related subscribers

Class DeleteNotificationResponse

Response of DeleteNotification

Class DeleteSubscriberRequest

Container for the parameters to the DeleteSubscriber operation. Delete a Subscriber for a notification

Class DeleteSubscriberResponse

Response of DeleteSubscriber

Class DescribeBudgetRequest

Container for the parameters to the DescribeBudget operation. Get a single budget

Class DescribeBudgetResponse

Response of DescribeBudget

Class DescribeBudgetsRequest

Container for the parameters to the DescribeBudgets operation. Get all budgets for an account

Class DescribeBudgetsResponse

Response of DescribeBudgets

Class DescribeNotificationsForBudgetRequest

Container for the parameters to the DescribeNotificationsForBudget operation. Get notifications of a budget

Class DescribeNotificationsForBudgetResponse

Response of GetNotificationsForBudget

Class DescribeSubscribersForNotificationRequest

Container for the parameters to the DescribeSubscribersForNotification operation. Get subscribers of a notification

Class DescribeSubscribersForNotificationResponse

Response of DescribeSubscribersForNotification

Class DuplicateRecordException

Budgets exception

Class ExpiredNextTokenException

Budgets exception

Class InternalErrorException

Budgets exception

Class InvalidNextTokenException

Budgets exception

Class InvalidParameterException

Budgets exception

Class NotFoundException

Budgets exception

Class Notification

Notification model. Each budget may contain multiple notifications with different settings.

Class NotificationWithSubscribers

A structure to relate notification and a list of subscribers who belong to the notification.

Class Spend

A structure that represents either a cost spend or usage spend. Contains an amount and a unit.

Class Subscriber

Subscriber model. Each notification may contain multiple subscribers with different addresses.

Class TimePeriod

A time period indicating the start date and end date of a budget.

Class UpdateBudgetRequest

Container for the parameters to the UpdateBudget operation. Update the information of a budget already created

Class UpdateBudgetResponse

Response of UpdateBudget

Class UpdateNotificationRequest

Container for the parameters to the UpdateNotification operation. Update the information about a notification already created

Class UpdateNotificationResponse

Response of UpdateNotification

Class UpdateSubscriberRequest

Container for the parameters to the UpdateSubscriber operation. Update a subscriber

Class UpdateSubscriberResponse

Response of UpdateSubscriber