AWS SDK Version 3 for .NET
API Reference

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Class DeleteReportDefinitionRequest

Container for the parameters to the DeleteReportDefinition operation. Delete a specified report definition

Class DeleteReportDefinitionResponse

Response of DeleteReportDefinition

Class DescribeReportDefinitionsRequest

Container for the parameters to the DescribeReportDefinitions operation. Describe a list of report definitions owned by the account

Class DescribeReportDefinitionsResponse

Response of DescribeReportDefinitions

Class DuplicateReportNameException

CostAndUsageReport exception

Class InternalErrorException

CostAndUsageReport exception

Class PutReportDefinitionRequest

Container for the parameters to the PutReportDefinition operation. Create a new report definition

Class PutReportDefinitionResponse

Response of PutReportDefinition

Class ReportDefinition

The definition of AWS Cost and Usage Report. Customer can specify the report name, time unit, report format, compression format, S3 bucket and additional artifacts and schema elements in the definition.

Class ReportLimitReachedException

CostAndUsageReport exception

Class ValidationException

CostAndUsageReport exception