AWS SDK Version 3 for .NET
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Copies a point-in-time snapshot of an EBS volume and stores it in Amazon S3. You can copy the snapshot within the same region or from one region to another. You can use the snapshot to create EBS volumes or Amazon Machine Images (AMIs). The snapshot is copied to the regional endpoint that you send the HTTP request to.

Copies of encrypted EBS snapshots remain encrypted. Copies of unencrypted snapshots remain unencrypted, unless the Encrypted flag is specified during the snapshot copy operation. By default, encrypted snapshot copies use the default AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) customer master key (CMK); however, you can specify a non-default CMK with the KmsKeyId parameter.

To copy an encrypted snapshot that has been shared from another account, you must have permissions for the CMK used to encrypt the snapshot.

Snapshots created by copying another snapshot have an arbitrary volume ID that should not be used for any purpose.

For more information, see Copying an Amazon EBS Snapshot in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud User Guide.


For .NET Core and PCL this operation is only available in asynchronous form. Please refer to CopySnapshotAsync.

Namespace: Amazon.EC2
Assembly: AWSSDK.EC2.dll
Version: 3.x.y.z


public abstract CopySnapshotResponse CopySnapshot(
         CopySnapshotRequest request
Type: Amazon.EC2.Model.CopySnapshotRequest

Container for the necessary parameters to execute the CopySnapshot service method.

Return Value
The response from the CopySnapshot service method, as returned by EC2.


This example copies a snapshot with the snapshot ID of ``snap-066877671789bd71b`` from the ``us-west-2`` region to the ``us-east-1`` region and adds a short description to identify the snapshot.

To copy a snapshot

var response = client.CopySnapshot(new CopySnapshotRequest 
    Description = "This is my copied snapshot.",
    DestinationRegion = "us-east-1",
    SourceRegion = "us-west-2",
    SourceSnapshotId = "snap-066877671789bd71b"

string snapshotId = response.SnapshotId;


Version Information

.NET Framework:
Supported in: 4.5, 4.0, 3.5

Portable Class Library:
Supported in: Windows Store Apps
Supported in: Windows Phone 8.1
Supported in: Xamarin Android
Supported in: Xamarin iOS (Unified)
Supported in: Xamarin.Forms

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