AWS SDK Version 3 for .NET
API Reference

AWS services or capabilities described in AWS Documentation may vary by region/location. Click Getting Started with Amazon AWS to see specific differences applicable to the China (Beijing) Region.


Class EC2Metadata

EC2 Instance Metadata. If this class is used on a non-EC2 instance, the properties in this class will return null.

Class IAMInfo

Returns information about the last time the instance profile was updated, including the instance's LastUpdated date, InstanceProfileArn, and InstanceProfileId.

Class IAMSecurityCredential

The temporary security credentials (AccessKeyId, SecretAccessKey, SessionToken, and Expiration) associated with the IAM role.

Class ImageUtilities

This class has utility methods for finding common Amazon machine images.

Class ImageUtilities.ImageDescriptor

This class identifies an image that will be looked up using a logical key independent of release (RTM) or service pack (SPx) designations, always returning the latest version of an image.

Class LaunchNATInstanceRequest

Request class to launch a NAT instance

Class LaunchVPCWithPublicAndPrivateSubnetsRequest

The properties used to create a VPC, a public subnet, private subnet and a NAT EC2 instance to allow EC2 instances in the private subnet to establish outbound connections to the internet.

Class LaunchVPCWithPublicAndPrivateSubnetsResponse

This object contains the VPC objects that were created as part of the launch VPC with public and private subnets operation.

Class LaunchVPCWithPublicSubnetRequest

The properties used to create a VPC with a subnet that will have an internet gateway attached making instances available to the internet.

Class LaunchVPCWithPublicSubnetResponse

This object contains the VPC objects that were created as part of the launch VPC with public subnet operation.

Class NetworkInterface

All of the metadata associated with a network interface on the instance.

Class S3UploadPolicy

This class represents S3 upload policy. Policy string representaion and signature to be used within EC2 bundling API.

Class VPCUtilities

This class has utility methods used for setting up a VPC.

Class VPCUtilities.Progress

A callback delegate used to get progress messages as the VPC environment is being created.