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Creates a fleet of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) instances to host your custom game server or Realtime Servers. Use this operation to configure the computing resources for your fleet and provide instructions for running game servers on each instance.

Most GameLift fleets can deploy instances to multiple locations, including the home Region (where the fleet is created) and an optional set of remote locations. Fleets that are created in the following Amazon Web Services Regions support multiple locations: us-east-1 (N. Virginia), us-west-2 (Oregon), eu-central-1 (Frankfurt), eu-west-1 (Ireland), ap-southeast-2 (Sydney), ap-northeast-1 (Tokyo), and ap-northeast-2 (Seoul). Fleets that are created in other GameLift Regions can deploy instances in the fleet's home Region only. All fleet instances use the same configuration regardless of location; however, you can adjust capacity settings and turn auto-scaling on/off for each location.

To create a fleet, choose the hardware for your instances, specify a game server build or Realtime script to deploy, and provide a runtime configuration to direct GameLift how to start and run game servers on each instance in the fleet. Set permissions for inbound traffic to your game servers, and enable optional features as needed. When creating a multi-location fleet, provide a list of additional remote locations.

If you need to debug your fleet, fetch logs, view performance metrics or other actions on the fleet, create the development fleet with port 22/3389 open. As a best practice, we recommend opening ports for remote access only when you need them and closing them when you're finished.

If successful, this operation creates a new Fleet resource and places it in NEW status, which prompts GameLift to initiate the fleet creation workflow.

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For .NET Core this operation is only available in asynchronous form. Please refer to CreateFleetAsync.

Namespace: Amazon.GameLift
Assembly: AWSSDK.GameLift.dll
Version: 3.x.y.z


public abstract CreateFleetResponse CreateFleet(
         CreateFleetRequest request
Type: Amazon.GameLift.Model.CreateFleetRequest

Container for the necessary parameters to execute the CreateFleet service method.

Return Value
The response from the CreateFleet service method, as returned by GameLift.


ConflictException The requested operation would cause a conflict with the current state of a service resource associated with the request. Resolve the conflict before retrying this request.
InternalServiceException The service encountered an unrecoverable internal failure while processing the request. Clients can retry such requests immediately or after a waiting period.
InvalidRequestException One or more parameter values in the request are invalid. Correct the invalid parameter values before retrying.
LimitExceededException The requested operation would cause the resource to exceed the allowed service limit. Resolve the issue before retrying.
NotFoundException THe requested resources was not found. The resource was either not created yet or deleted.
TaggingFailedException The requested tagging operation did not succeed. This may be due to invalid tag format or the maximum tag limit may have been exceeded. Resolve the issue before retrying.
UnauthorizedException The client failed authentication. Clients should not retry such requests.
UnsupportedRegionException The requested operation is not supported in the Region specified.

Version Information

.NET Framework:
Supported in: 4.5, 4.0, 3.5

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