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Creates a placement queue that processes requests for new game sessions. A queue uses FleetIQ algorithms to determine the best placement locations and find an available game server there, then prompts the game server process to start a new game session.

A game session queue is configured with a set of destinations (GameLift fleets or aliases), which determine the locations where the queue can place new game sessions. These destinations can span multiple fleet types (Spot and On-Demand), instance types, and Amazon Web Services Regions. If the queue includes multi-location fleets, the queue is able to place game sessions in all of a fleet's remote locations. You can opt to filter out individual locations if needed.

The queue configuration also determines how FleetIQ selects the best available placement for a new game session. Before searching for an available game server, FleetIQ first prioritizes the queue's destinations and locations, with the best placement locations on top. You can set up the queue to use the FleetIQ default prioritization or provide an alternate set of priorities.

To create a new queue, provide a name, timeout value, and a list of destinations. Optionally, specify a sort configuration and/or a filter, and define a set of latency cap policies. You can also include the ARN for an Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) topic to receive notifications of game session placement activity. Notifications using SNS or CloudWatch events is the preferred way to track placement activity.

If successful, a new GameSessionQueue object is returned with an assigned queue ARN. New game session requests, which are submitted to queue with StartGameSessionPlacement or StartMatchmaking, reference a queue's name or ARN.

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For .NET Core this operation is only available in asynchronous form. Please refer to CreateGameSessionQueueAsync.

Namespace: Amazon.GameLift
Assembly: AWSSDK.GameLift.dll
Version: 3.x.y.z


public abstract CreateGameSessionQueueResponse CreateGameSessionQueue(
         CreateGameSessionQueueRequest request
Type: Amazon.GameLift.Model.CreateGameSessionQueueRequest

Container for the necessary parameters to execute the CreateGameSessionQueue service method.

Return Value
The response from the CreateGameSessionQueue service method, as returned by GameLift.


InternalServiceException The service encountered an unrecoverable internal failure while processing the request. Clients can retry such requests immediately or after a waiting period.
InvalidRequestException One or more parameter values in the request are invalid. Correct the invalid parameter values before retrying.
LimitExceededException The requested operation would cause the resource to exceed the allowed service limit. Resolve the issue before retrying.
NotFoundException A service resource associated with the request could not be found. Clients should not retry such requests.
TaggingFailedException The requested tagging operation did not succeed. This may be due to invalid tag format or the maximum tag limit may have been exceeded. Resolve the issue before retrying.
UnauthorizedException The client failed authentication. Clients should not retry such requests.

Version Information

.NET Framework:
Supported in: 4.5, 4.0, 3.5

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