AWS SDK Version 3 for .NET
API Reference

AWS services or capabilities described in AWS Documentation may vary by region/location. Click Getting Started with Amazon AWS to see specific differences applicable to the China (Beijing) Region.


Class Artifact

A discrete item that contains the description and URL of an artifact (such as a PDF).

Class BucketPermissionException

ImportExport exception

Class CanceledJobIdException

ImportExport exception

Class CancelJobRequest

Container for the parameters to the CancelJob operation. This operation cancels a specified job. Only the job owner can cancel it. The operation fails if the job has already started or is complete.

Class CancelJobResponse

Output structure for the CancelJob operation.

Class CreateJobQuotaExceededException

ImportExport exception

Class CreateJobRequest

Container for the parameters to the CreateJob operation. This operation initiates the process of scheduling an upload or download of your data. You include in the request a manifest that describes the data transfer specifics. The response to the request includes a job ID, which you can use in other operations, a signature that you use to identify your storage device, and the address where you should ship your storage device.

Class CreateJobResponse

Output structure for the CreateJob operation.

Class ExpiredJobIdException

ImportExport exception

Class GetShippingLabelRequest

Container for the parameters to the GetShippingLabel operation. This operation generates a pre-paid UPS shipping label that you will use to ship your device to AWS for processing.

Class GetShippingLabelResponse

This is the response object from the GetShippingLabel operation.

Class GetStatusRequest

Container for the parameters to the GetStatus operation. This operation returns information about a job, including where the job is in the processing pipeline, the status of the results, and the signature value associated with the job. You can only return information about jobs you own.

Class GetStatusResponse

Output structure for the GetStatus operation.

Class InvalidAccessKeyIdException

ImportExport exception

Class InvalidAddressException

ImportExport exception

Class InvalidCustomsException

ImportExport exception

Class InvalidFileSystemException

ImportExport exception

Class InvalidJobIdException

ImportExport exception

Class InvalidManifestFieldException

ImportExport exception

Class InvalidParameterException

ImportExport exception

Class InvalidVersionException

ImportExport exception

Class Job

Representation of a job returned by the ListJobs operation.

Class ListJobsRequest

Container for the parameters to the ListJobs operation. This operation returns the jobs associated with the requester. AWS Import/Export lists the jobs in reverse chronological order based on the date of creation. For example if Job Test1 was created 2009Dec30 and Test2 was created 2010Feb05, the ListJobs operation would return Test2 followed by Test1.

Class ListJobsResponse

Output structure for the ListJobs operation.

Class MalformedManifestException

ImportExport exception

Class MissingCustomsException

ImportExport exception

Class MissingManifestFieldException

ImportExport exception

Class MissingParameterException

ImportExport exception

Class MultipleRegionsException

ImportExport exception

Class NoSuchBucketException

ImportExport exception

Class UnableToCancelJobIdException

ImportExport exception

Class UnableToUpdateJobIdException

ImportExport exception

Class UpdateJobRequest

Container for the parameters to the UpdateJob operation. You use this operation to change the parameters specified in the original manifest file by supplying a new manifest file. The manifest file attached to this request replaces the original manifest file. You can only use the operation after a CreateJob request but before the data transfer starts and you can only use it on jobs you own.

Class UpdateJobResponse

Output structure for the UpateJob operation.