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Container for the parameters to the CreateDeliveryStream operation. Creates a Kinesis Data Firehose delivery stream.

By default, you can create up to 50 delivery streams per AWS Region.

This is an asynchronous operation that immediately returns. The initial status of the delivery stream is CREATING. After the delivery stream is created, its status is ACTIVE and it now accepts data. Attempts to send data to a delivery stream that is not in the ACTIVE state cause an exception. To check the state of a delivery stream, use DescribeDeliveryStream.

A Kinesis Data Firehose delivery stream can be configured to receive records directly from providers using PutRecord or PutRecordBatch, or it can be configured to use an existing Kinesis stream as its source. To specify a Kinesis data stream as input, set the DeliveryStreamType parameter to KinesisStreamAsSource, and provide the Kinesis stream Amazon Resource Name (ARN) and role ARN in the KinesisStreamSourceConfiguration parameter.

A delivery stream is configured with a single destination: Amazon S3, Amazon ES, Amazon Redshift, or Splunk. You must specify only one of the following destination configuration parameters: ExtendedS3DestinationConfiguration, S3DestinationConfiguration, ElasticsearchDestinationConfiguration, RedshiftDestinationConfiguration, or SplunkDestinationConfiguration.

When you specify S3DestinationConfiguration, you can also provide the following optional values: BufferingHints, EncryptionConfiguration, and CompressionFormat. By default, if no BufferingHints value is provided, Kinesis Data Firehose buffers data up to 5 MB or for 5 minutes, whichever condition is satisfied first. BufferingHints is a hint, so there are some cases where the service cannot adhere to these conditions strictly. For example, record boundaries might be such that the size is a little over or under the configured buffering size. By default, no encryption is performed. We strongly recommend that you enable encryption to ensure secure data storage in Amazon S3.

A few notes about Amazon Redshift as a destination:

Kinesis Data Firehose assumes the IAM role that is configured as part of the destination. The role should allow the Kinesis Data Firehose principal to assume the role, and the role should have permissions that allow the service to deliver the data. For more information, see Grant Kinesis Data Firehose Access to an Amazon S3 Destination in the Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose Developer Guide.

Inheritance Hierarchy


Namespace: Amazon.KinesisFirehose.Model
Assembly: AWSSDK.KinesisFirehose.dll
Version: 3.x.y.z


public class CreateDeliveryStreamRequest : AmazonKinesisFirehoseRequest

The CreateDeliveryStreamRequest type exposes the following members



Public Property DeliveryStreamName System.String

Gets and sets the property DeliveryStreamName.

The name of the delivery stream. This name must be unique per AWS account in the same AWS Region. If the delivery streams are in different accounts or different Regions, you can have multiple delivery streams with the same name.

Public Property DeliveryStreamType Amazon.KinesisFirehose.DeliveryStreamType

Gets and sets the property DeliveryStreamType.

The delivery stream type. This parameter can be one of the following values:

  • DirectPut: Provider applications access the delivery stream directly.

  • KinesisStreamAsSource: The delivery stream uses a Kinesis data stream as a source.

Public Property ElasticsearchDestinationConfiguration Amazon.KinesisFirehose.Model.ElasticsearchDestinationConfiguration

Gets and sets the property ElasticsearchDestinationConfiguration.

The destination in Amazon ES. You can specify only one destination.

Public Property ExtendedS3DestinationConfiguration Amazon.KinesisFirehose.Model.ExtendedS3DestinationConfiguration

Gets and sets the property ExtendedS3DestinationConfiguration.

The destination in Amazon S3. You can specify only one destination.

Public Property KinesisStreamSourceConfiguration Amazon.KinesisFirehose.Model.KinesisStreamSourceConfiguration

Gets and sets the property KinesisStreamSourceConfiguration.

When a Kinesis data stream is used as the source for the delivery stream, a KinesisStreamSourceConfiguration containing the Kinesis data stream Amazon Resource Name (ARN) and the role ARN for the source stream.

Public Property RedshiftDestinationConfiguration Amazon.KinesisFirehose.Model.RedshiftDestinationConfiguration

Gets and sets the property RedshiftDestinationConfiguration.

The destination in Amazon Redshift. You can specify only one destination.

Public Property S3DestinationConfiguration Amazon.KinesisFirehose.Model.S3DestinationConfiguration

Gets and sets the property S3DestinationConfiguration.

[Deprecated] The destination in Amazon S3. You can specify only one destination.

Public Property SplunkDestinationConfiguration Amazon.KinesisFirehose.Model.SplunkDestinationConfiguration

Gets and sets the property SplunkDestinationConfiguration.

The destination in Splunk. You can specify only one destination.

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Supported in: 1.3

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Supported in: 4.5, 4.0, 3.5

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