AWS SDK Version 3 for .NET
API Reference

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Class ClientLimitExceededException

KinesisVideoArchivedMedia exception

Class Fragment

Represents a segment of video or other time-delimited data.

Class FragmentSelector

Describes the time stamp range and time stamp origin of a range of fragments.

Class GetMediaForFragmentListRequest

Container for the parameters to the GetMediaForFragmentList operation. Gets media for a list of fragments (specified by fragment number) from the archived data in a Kinesis video stream.

This operation is only available for the AWS SDK for Java. It is not supported in AWS SDKs for other languages.

The following limits apply when using the GetMediaForFragmentList API:

  • A client can call GetMediaForFragmentList up to five times per second per stream.

  • Kinesis Video Streams sends media data at a rate of up to 25 megabytes per second (or 200 megabits per second) during a GetMediaForFragmentList session.

Class GetMediaForFragmentListResponse

This is the response object from the GetMediaForFragmentList operation.

Class InvalidArgumentException

KinesisVideoArchivedMedia exception

Class ListFragmentsRequest

Container for the parameters to the ListFragments operation. Returns a list of Fragment objects from the specified stream and start location within the archived data.

Class ListFragmentsResponse

This is the response object from the ListFragments operation.

Class NotAuthorizedException

KinesisVideoArchivedMedia exception

Class ResourceNotFoundException

KinesisVideoArchivedMedia exception

Class TimestampRange

The range of time stamps for which to return fragments.