AWS SDK Version 3 for .NET
API Reference

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Class ClientLimitExceededException

KinesisVideoMedia exception

Class ConnectionLimitExceededException

KinesisVideoMedia exception

Class GetMediaRequest

Container for the parameters to the GetMedia operation. Use this API to retrieve media content from a Kinesis video stream. In the request, you identify stream name or stream Amazon Resource Name (ARN), and the starting chunk. Kinesis Video Streams then returns a stream of chunks in order by fragment number.

You must first call the GetDataEndpoint API to get an endpoint to which you can then send the GetMedia requests.

When you put media data (fragments) on a stream, Kinesis Video Streams stores each incoming fragment and related metadata in what is called a "chunk." For more information, see . The GetMedia API returns a stream of these chunks starting from the chunk that you specify in the request.

The following limits apply when using the GetMedia API:

  • A client can call GetMedia up to five times per second per stream.

  • Kinesis Video Streams sends media data at a rate of up to 25 megabytes per second (or 200 megabits per second) during a GetMedia session.

Class GetMediaResponse

This is the response object from the GetMedia operation.

Class InvalidArgumentException

KinesisVideoMedia exception

Class InvalidEndpointException

KinesisVideoMedia exception

Class NotAuthorizedException

KinesisVideoMedia exception

Class ResourceNotFoundException

KinesisVideoMedia exception

Class StartSelector

Identifies the chunk on the Kinesis video stream where you want the GetMedia API to start returning media data. You have the following options to identify the starting chunk:

  • Choose the latest (or oldest) chunk.

  • Identify a specific chunk. You can identify a specific chunk either by providing a fragment number or time stamp (server or producer).

  • Each chunk's metadata includes a continuation token as a Matroska (MKV) tag (AWS_KINESISVIDEO_CONTINUATION_TOKEN). If your previous GetMedia request terminated, you can use this tag value in your next GetMedia request. The API then starts returning chunks starting where the last API ended.