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This is the response object from the GetMedia operation.

Inheritance Hierarchy


Namespace: Amazon.KinesisVideoMedia.Model
Assembly: AWSSDK.KinesisVideoMedia.dll
Version: 3.x.y.z


public class GetMediaResponse : AmazonWebServiceResponse

The GetMediaResponse type exposes the following members


Public Method GetMediaResponse()


Public Property ContentLength System.Int64 Inherited from Amazon.Runtime.AmazonWebServiceResponse.
Public Property ContentType System.String

Gets and sets the property ContentType.

The content type of the requested media.

Public Property HttpStatusCode System.Net.HttpStatusCode Inherited from Amazon.Runtime.AmazonWebServiceResponse.
Public Property Payload System.IO.Stream

Gets and sets the property Payload.

The payload Kinesis Video Streams returns is a sequence of chunks from the specified stream. For information about the chunks, see . The chunks that Kinesis Video Streams returns in the GetMedia call also include the following additional Matroska (MKV) tags:

  • AWS_KINESISVIDEO_CONTINUATION_TOKEN (UTF-8 string) - In the event your GetMedia call terminates, you can use this continuation token in your next request to get the next chunk where the last request terminated.

  • AWS_KINESISVIDEO_MILLIS_BEHIND_NOW (UTF-8 string) - Client applications can use this tag value to determine how far behind the chunk returned in the response is from the latest chunk on the stream.

  • AWS_KINESISVIDEO_FRAGMENT_NUMBER - Fragment number returned in the chunk.

  • AWS_KINESISVIDEO_SERVER_TIMESTAMP - Server time stamp of the fragment.

  • AWS_KINESISVIDEO_PRODUCER_TIMESTAMP - Producer time stamp of the fragment.

The following tags will be present if an error occurs:

  • AWS_KINESISVIDEO_ERROR_CODE - String description of an error that caused GetMedia to stop.

  • AWS_KINESISVIDEO_ERROR_ID: Integer code of the error.

The error codes are as follows:

  • 3002 - Error writing to the stream

  • 4000 - Requested fragment is not found

  • 4500 - Access denied for the stream's KMS key

  • 4501 - Stream's KMS key is disabled

  • 4502 - Validation error on the Stream's KMS key

  • 4503 - KMS key specified in the stream is unavailable

  • 4504 - Invalid usage of the KMS key specified in the stream

  • 4505 - Invalid state of the KMS key specified in the stream

  • 4506 - Unable to find the KMS key specified in the stream

  • 5000 - Internal error

Public Property ResponseMetadata Amazon.Runtime.ResponseMetadata Inherited from Amazon.Runtime.AmazonWebServiceResponse.

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Supported in: 1.3

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Supported in: 4.5, 4.0, 3.5

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