AWS SDK Version 3 for .NET
API Reference

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Class Entitlement

An entitlement represents capacity in a product owned by the customer. For example, a customer might own some number of users or seats in an SaaS application or some amount of data capacity in a multi-tenant database.

Class EntitlementValue

The EntitlementValue represents the amount of capacity that the customer is entitled to for the product.

Class GetEntitlementsRequest

Container for the parameters to the GetEntitlements operation. GetEntitlements retrieves entitlement values for a given product. The results can be filtered based on customer identifier or product dimensions.

Class GetEntitlementsResponse

The GetEntitlementsRequest contains results from the GetEntitlements operation.

Class InternalServiceErrorException

MarketplaceEntitlementService exception

Class InvalidParameterException

MarketplaceEntitlementService exception

Class ThrottlingException

MarketplaceEntitlementService exception