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Description of audio output

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Namespace: Amazon.MediaConvert.Model
Assembly: AWSSDK.MediaConvert.dll
Version: 3.x.y.z


public class AudioDescription

The AudioDescription type exposes the following members


Public Method AudioDescription()


Public Property AudioNormalizationSettings Amazon.MediaConvert.Model.AudioNormalizationSettings

Gets and sets the property AudioNormalizationSettings.

Public Property AudioSourceName System.String

Gets and sets the property AudioSourceName. Specifies which audio data to use from each input. In the simplest case, specify an "Audio Selector":#inputs-audio_selector by name based on its order within each input. For example if you specify "Audio Selector 3", then the third audio selector will be used from each input. If an input does not have an "Audio Selector 3", then the audio selector marked as "default" in that input will be used. If there is no audio selector marked as "default", silence will be inserted for the duration of that input. Alternatively, an "Audio Selector Group":#inputs-audio_selector_group name may be specified, with similar default/silence behavior. If no audio_source_name is specified, then "Audio Selector 1" will be chosen automatically.

Public Property AudioType System.Int32

Gets and sets the property AudioType. Applies only if Follow Input Audio Type is unchecked (false). A number between 0 and 255. The following are defined in ISO-IEC 13818-1: 0 = Undefined, 1 = Clean Effects, 2 = Hearing Impaired, 3 = Visually Impaired Commentary, 4-255 = Reserved.

Public Property AudioTypeControl Amazon.MediaConvert.AudioTypeControl

Gets and sets the property AudioTypeControl.

Public Property CodecSettings Amazon.MediaConvert.Model.AudioCodecSettings

Gets and sets the property CodecSettings.

Public Property LanguageCode Amazon.MediaConvert.LanguageCode

Gets and sets the property LanguageCode. Indicates the language of the audio output track. The ISO 639 language specified in the 'Language Code' drop down will be used when 'Follow Input Language Code' is not selected or when 'Follow Input Language Code' is selected but there is no ISO 639 language code specified by the input.

Public Property LanguageCodeControl Amazon.MediaConvert.AudioLanguageCodeControl

Gets and sets the property LanguageCodeControl.

Public Property RemixSettings Amazon.MediaConvert.Model.RemixSettings

Gets and sets the property RemixSettings. Advanced audio remixing settings.

Public Property StreamName System.String

Gets and sets the property StreamName. Used for MS Smooth and Apple HLS outputs. Indicates the name displayed by the player (eg. English, or Director Commentary). Alphanumeric characters, spaces, and underscore are legal.

Version Information

.NET Standard:
Supported in: 1.3

.NET Framework:
Supported in: 4.5, 4.0, 3.5

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Supported in: Windows Store Apps
Supported in: Windows Phone 8.1
Supported in: Xamarin Android
Supported in: Xamarin iOS (Unified)
Supported in: Xamarin.Forms