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Namespace: Amazon.MediaLive.Model
Assembly: AWSSDK.MediaLive.dll
Version: 3.x.y.z


public class MsSmoothGroupSettings

The MsSmoothGroupSettings type exposes the following members


Public Method MsSmoothGroupSettings()


Public Property AcquisitionPointId System.String

Gets and sets the property AcquisitionPointId. The value of the "Acquisition Point Identity" element used in each message placed in the sparse track. Only enabled if sparseTrackType is not "none".

Public Property AudioOnlyTimecodeControl Amazon.MediaLive.SmoothGroupAudioOnlyTimecodeControl

Gets and sets the property AudioOnlyTimecodeControl. If set to passthrough for an audio-only MS Smooth output, the fragment absolute time will be set to the current timecode. This option does not write timecodes to the audio elementary stream.

Public Property CertificateMode Amazon.MediaLive.SmoothGroupCertificateMode

Gets and sets the property CertificateMode. If set to verifyAuthenticity, verify the https certificate chain to a trusted Certificate Authority (CA). This will cause https outputs to self-signed certificates to fail.

Public Property ConnectionRetryInterval System.Int32

Gets and sets the property ConnectionRetryInterval. Number of seconds to wait before retrying connection to the IIS server if the connection is lost. Content will be cached during this time and the cache will be be delivered to the IIS server once the connection is re-established.

Public Property Destination Amazon.MediaLive.Model.OutputLocationRef

Gets and sets the property Destination. Smooth Streaming publish point on an IIS server. Elemental Live acts as a "Push" encoder to IIS.

Public Property EventId System.String

Gets and sets the property EventId. MS Smooth event ID to be sent to the IIS server.Should only be specified if eventIdMode is set to useConfigured.

Public Property EventIdMode Amazon.MediaLive.SmoothGroupEventIdMode

Gets and sets the property EventIdMode. Specifies whether or not to send an event ID to the IIS server. If no event ID is sent and the same Live Event is used without changing the publishing point, clients might see cached video from the previous run.Options:- "useConfigured" - use the value provided in eventId- "useTimestamp" - generate and send an event ID based on the current timestamp- "noEventId" - do not send an event ID to the IIS server.

Public Property EventStopBehavior Amazon.MediaLive.SmoothGroupEventStopBehavior

Gets and sets the property EventStopBehavior. When set to sendEos, send EOS signal to IIS server when stopping the event

Public Property FilecacheDuration System.Int32

Gets and sets the property FilecacheDuration. Size in seconds of file cache for streaming outputs.

Public Property FragmentLength System.Int32

Gets and sets the property FragmentLength. Length of mp4 fragments to generate (in seconds). Fragment length must be compatible with GOP size and framerate.

Public Property InputLossAction Amazon.MediaLive.InputLossActionForMsSmoothOut

Gets and sets the property InputLossAction. Parameter that control output group behavior on input loss.

Public Property NumRetries System.Int32

Gets and sets the property NumRetries. Number of retry attempts.

Public Property RestartDelay System.Int32

Gets and sets the property RestartDelay. Number of seconds before initiating a restart due to output failure, due to exhausting the numRetries on one segment, or exceeding filecacheDuration.

Public Property SegmentationMode Amazon.MediaLive.SmoothGroupSegmentationMode

Gets and sets the property SegmentationMode. When set to useInputSegmentation, the output segment or fragment points are set by the RAI markers from the input streams.

Public Property SendDelayMs System.Int32

Gets and sets the property SendDelayMs. Outputs that are "output locked" can use this delay. Assign a delay to the output that is "secondary". Do not assign a delay to the "primary" output. The delay means that the primary output will always reach the downstream system before the secondary, which helps ensure that the downstream system always uses the primary output. (If there were no delay, the downstream system might flip-flop between whichever output happens to arrive first.) If the primary fails, the downstream system will switch to the secondary output. When the primary is restarted, the downstream system will switch back to the primary (because once again it is always arriving first)

Public Property SparseTrackType Amazon.MediaLive.SmoothGroupSparseTrackType

Gets and sets the property SparseTrackType. If set to scte35, use incoming SCTE-35 messages to generate a sparse track in this group of MS-Smooth outputs.

Public Property StreamManifestBehavior Amazon.MediaLive.SmoothGroupStreamManifestBehavior

Gets and sets the property StreamManifestBehavior. When set to send, send stream manifest so publishing point doesn't start until all streams start.

Public Property TimestampOffset System.String

Gets and sets the property TimestampOffset. Timestamp offset for the event. Only used if timestampOffsetMode is set to useConfiguredOffset.

Public Property TimestampOffsetMode Amazon.MediaLive.SmoothGroupTimestampOffsetMode

Gets and sets the property TimestampOffsetMode. Type of timestamp date offset to use.- useEventStartDate: Use the date the event was started as the offset- useConfiguredOffset: Use an explicitly configured date as the offset

Version Information

.NET Standard:
Supported in: 1.3

.NET Framework:
Supported in: 4.5, 4.0, 3.5

Portable Class Library:
Supported in: Windows Store Apps
Supported in: Windows Phone 8.1
Supported in: Xamarin Android
Supported in: Xamarin iOS (Unified)
Supported in: Xamarin.Forms