AWS SDK Version 3 for .NET
API Reference

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Class AWSCredentialsFactory

Factory to construct different types of AWSCredentials based on a profile.

Class CredentialProfile

A named group of options that are persisted and used to obtain AWSCredentials.

Class CredentialProfileOptions
Class CredentialProfileStoreChain

Class to abstract the combined use of NetSDKCredentialsFile and SharedCredentialsFile where possible.

Class NetSDKCredentialsFile

This class allows profiles supporting AWSCredentials to be registered with the SDK so that they can later be reference by a profile name. The credential profiles will be available for use in the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio and the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell.

The credentials are stored under the current users AppData folder encrypted using Windows Data Protection API.

This class is not threadsafe.

Class SAMLEndpoint

Representation of a SAML Endpoint.

Class SAMLEndpointManager

Manages endpoints to be used in conjunction with SAML role profiles. The role profiles reference the endpoint to obtain the actual endpoint and any customization settings needed to perform authentication.

Class SharedCredentialsFile

Provides access to read and write to the shared credentials INI file. The file is read, parsed, and validated at construction time. Changes can be made using the RegisterProfile() and UnregisterProfile() methods. This class is not threadsafe.


Interface ICredentialProfileSource

Interface to define the necessary operations for a CredentialProfile lookup mechanism.

Interface ICredentialProfileStore

Interface to define the necessary operations for a CredentialProfile storage mechanism.


Enum SAMLAuthenticationType

Represents the different types of authentication available for SAML endpoints.