AWS SDK Version 3 for .NET
API Reference

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Class AmazonS3Uri

Uri wrapper that can parse out information (bucket, key, region, style) from an S3 URI.

Class AmazonS3Util

Provides utilities used by the Amazon S3 client implementation. These utilities might be useful to consumers of the Amazon S3 library.

Class AsyncCancelableResult

Represents the status of an asynchronous operation. It adds support for Cancelation of the asynchronous operation.

Class BucketRegionDetector

Class to manage and cache the correct region for buckets accessed without an explicit region.

Class S3DeleteBucketWithObjectsOptions

Options which control the behaviour of the DeleteS3BucketWithObjects operation.

Class S3DeleteBucketWithObjectsUpdate

Contains updates from DeleteS3BucketWithObjects operation.

Class S3EventNotification

A helper class that represents a strongly typed S3 EventNotification item sent to SQS

Class S3EventNotification.RequestParametersEntity

The class holds the request parameters

Class S3EventNotification.ResponseElementsEntity

This class holds the response elements.

Class S3EventNotification.S3BucketEntity

This class contains the identity information for an S3 bucket.

Class S3EventNotification.S3Entity

Gets and sets the meta information describing S3.

Class S3EventNotification.S3EventNotificationRecord

The class holds the event notification.

Class S3EventNotification.S3ObjectEntity

This class contains the information for an object in S3.

Class S3EventNotification.UserIdentityEntity

The class holds the user identity properties.

Class S3PostUploadError

Class for unmarshalling response XML

Class S3PostUploadException

An exception detailing a failed HTTP POST upload atempt to Amazon S3.

Class S3PostUploadRequest

Parameters for uploading to Amazon S3 a file using HTTP POS

Class S3PostUploadResponse

Class holds Response data for a post upload.

Class S3PostUploadSignedPolicy

Utility class for managing and exchanging HTTP POST uploads of objects to Amazon S3.


Interface IAsyncCancelableResult

Represents the status of an asynchronous operation. This interface extends IAsyncResult and adds support for Cancelation of the asynchronous operation.