AWS SDK Version 3 for .NET
API Reference

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Class AdfsAuthenticationControllerException

Custom exception thrown when authentication failure is detected against a configured AD FS endpoint.

Class AuthenticationFailedException

Custom exception type thrown when authentication for a user against the configured endpoint fails and a valid SAML assertion document could not be obtained.

Class CredentialCallbackArgs

State class passed on callback to demand user credentials when authentication is performed using a non-default identity.

Class CredentialCallbackRequiredException

Exception thrown on validation of a StoredProfileSAMLCredentials instance if the role profile is configured to use a non-default user identity and the QueryUserCredentialCallback on the instance has not been set.

Class SAMLAssertion

Contains the parsed SAML response data following successful user authentication against a federated endpoint. We only parse out the data we need to support generation of temporary AWS credentials.

Class SAMLAuthenticationController

Helper class to perform SAML authentication negotiation for an identity provider and relying party combination. Yields a SAMLAssertion instance that can be used to retrieve temporary, auto-refreshing AWS credentials.

Class StoredProfileSAMLCredentials

Temporary credentials that are created following successful authentication with a federated endpoint supporting SAML.

Class StoredProfileSAMLCredentials.RequestUserCredential

Callback signature for obtaining user credentials for authentication demands when the role profile is configured to not use the default identity.


Interface IAuthenticationController

Interface implemented by plugins supplied to the SAMLAuthenticationController to perform the call to the authentication endpoint. The implementor returns the final response from the authentication process for subsequent parsing.

Interface IAuthenticationResponseParser

Interface implemented by plugins supplied to the SAMLAuthenticationController to parse an authentication response returned by an IAuthenticator instance and yield a SAMLAssertion instance.