AWS SDK Version 3 for .NET
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Enables or disables email sending for messages sent using a specific configuration set in a given Amazon Web Services Region. You can use this operation in conjunction with Amazon CloudWatch alarms to temporarily pause email sending for a configuration set when the reputation metrics for that configuration set (such as your bounce on complaint rate) exceed certain thresholds.

You can execute this operation no more than once per second.


For .NET Core this operation is only available in asynchronous form. Please refer to UpdateConfigurationSetSendingEnabledAsync.

Namespace: Amazon.SimpleEmail
Assembly: AWSSDK.SimpleEmail.dll
Version: 3.x.y.z


public abstract UpdateConfigurationSetSendingEnabledResponse UpdateConfigurationSetSendingEnabled(
         UpdateConfigurationSetSendingEnabledRequest request


Type: Amazon.SimpleEmail.Model.UpdateConfigurationSetSendingEnabledRequest

Container for the necessary parameters to execute the UpdateConfigurationSetSendingEnabled service method.

Return Value

The response from the UpdateConfigurationSetSendingEnabled service method, as returned by SimpleEmailService.


ConfigurationSetDoesNotExistException Indicates that the configuration set does not exist.


Set the sending enabled flag for a specific configuration set.


var client = new AmazonSimpleEmailServiceClient();
var response = client.UpdateConfigurationSetSendingEnabled(new UpdateConfigurationSetSendingEnabledRequest 
    ConfigurationSetName = "foo",
    Enabled = true


Version Information

.NET Framework:
Supported in: 4.5 and newer, 3.5

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