AWS SDK Version 3 for .NET
API Reference

AWS services or capabilities described in AWS Documentation may vary by region/location. Click Getting Started with Amazon AWS to see specific differences applicable to the China (Beijing) Region.


Class AWSCredentialsProfile

The persisted data for a set of AWS credentials. At a minimum this is access key and secret key data.

Class AWSPublicIpAddressRange

Represents the IP address range for a single region and service key.

Class AWSPublicIpAddressRanges

This class can be used to discover the public address ranges for AWS. The information is retrieved from the publicly accessible file.

Class AWSSDKUtils

This class defines utilities and constants that can be used by all the client libraries of the SDK.

Class CircularReferenceTracking

Object to track circular references in nested types. At each level of nesting, make a call to Track to retrieve Tracker, a tracking object implementing the IDisposable interface. Dispose of this tracker when leaving the context of the tracked object.

Class CryptoUtilFactory
Class DynamoDBContextConfig

Settings for DynamoDBContext.

Class EC2InstanceMetadata

Provides access to EC2 instance metadata when running on an EC2 instance. If this class is used on a non-EC2 instance, the properties in this class will return null.

Class HeaderKeys
Class IAMInstanceProfileMetadata

Returns information about the last time the instance profile was updated, including the instance's LastUpdated date, InstanceProfileArn, and InstanceProfileId.

Class IAMSecurityCredentialMetadata

The temporary security credentials (AccessKeyId, SecretAccessKey, SessionToken, and Expiration) associated with the IAM role.

Class JitteredDelay
Class LoggingConfig

Settings for logging in the SDK.

Class NetworkInterfaceMetadata

All of the metadata associated with a network interface on the instance.

Class PaginatedResourceFactory
Class PaginatedResourceInfo
Class ProfileManager

This class allows profiles supporting AWS credentials and SAML-based authentication to be registered with the SDK so that they can later be reference by a profile name. The credential profiles will be available for use in the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio and the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell.

The credentials are stored under the current users AppData folder encrypted using Windows Data Protection API.

To reference a profile from an application's App.config or Web.config use the AWSProfileName setting.



Class ProfileSettingsBase

Common base contract for all types of credential and role profiles.

Class PropertyConfig

Single DynamoDB property mapping config

Class ProxyConfig

Settings for configuring a proxy for the SDK to use.

Class SAMLEndpointSettings

The persisted data for a SAML endpoint. One or more role profiles will reference this to obtain the common endpoint and other data needed to perform authentication with a set of user credentials.

Class SAMLRoleProfile

The persisted data for a saml role profile for a user. This profile references an endpoint profile containing the actual endpoint to be used, and adds details of the role to be assumed when the profile is selected.

Optionally the profile can store a username and domain to be used during authentication (default behavior, if this is not specified, is to use the user's default network credentials).

Class TableAlias

Single DynamoDB table alias

Class TypeMapping

Single DynamoDB type mapping config


Interface ICryptoUtil