AWS SDK Version 3 for .NET
API Reference

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Class Alias

An alias for an edge.

Class AnnotationValue

Value of a segment annotation. Has one of three value types: Number, Boolean or String.

Class BackendConnectionErrors

Class BatchGetTracesRequest

Container for the parameters to the BatchGetTraces operation. Retrieves a list of traces specified by ID. Each trace is a collection of segment documents that originates from a single request. Use GetTraceSummaries to get a list of trace IDs.

Class BatchGetTracesResponse

This is the response object from the BatchGetTraces operation.

Class Edge

Information about a connection between two services.

Class EdgeStatistics

Response statistics for an edge.

Class ErrorStatistics

Information about requests that failed with a 4xx Client Error status code.

Class FaultStatistics

Information about requests that failed with a 5xx Server Error status code.

Class GetServiceGraphRequest

Container for the parameters to the GetServiceGraph operation. Retrieves a document that describes services that process incoming requests, and downstream services that they call as a result. Root services process incoming requests and make calls to downstream services. Root services are applications that use the AWS X-Ray SDK. Downstream services can be other applications, AWS resources, HTTP web APIs, or SQL databases.

Class GetServiceGraphResponse

This is the response object from the GetServiceGraph operation.

Class GetTraceGraphRequest

Container for the parameters to the GetTraceGraph operation. Retrieves a service graph for one or more specific trace IDs.

Class GetTraceGraphResponse

This is the response object from the GetTraceGraph operation.

Class GetTraceSummariesRequest

Container for the parameters to the GetTraceSummaries operation. Retrieves IDs and metadata for traces available for a specified time frame using an optional filter. To get the full traces, pass the trace IDs to BatchGetTraces.

A filter expression can target traced requests that hit specific service nodes or edges, have errors, or come from a known user. For example, the following filter expression targets traces that pass through


This filter expression finds traces that have an annotation named account with the value 12345:

annotation.account = "12345"

For a full list of indexed fields and keywords that you can use in filter expressions, see Using Filter Expressions in the AWS X-Ray Developer Guide.

Class GetTraceSummariesResponse

This is the response object from the GetTraceSummaries operation.

Class HistogramEntry

An entry in a histogram for a statistic. A histogram maps the range of observed values on the X axis, and the prevalence of each value on the Y axis.

Class Http

Information about an HTTP request.

Class InvalidRequestException

XRay exception

Class PutTelemetryRecordsRequest

Container for the parameters to the PutTelemetryRecords operation. Used by the AWS X-Ray daemon to upload telemetry.

Class PutTelemetryRecordsResponse

This is the response object from the PutTelemetryRecords operation.

Class PutTraceSegmentsRequest
Class PutTraceSegmentsResponse

This is the response object from the PutTraceSegments operation.

Class Segment

A segment from a trace that has been ingested by the X-Ray service. The segment can be compiled from documents uploaded with PutTraceSegments, or an inferred segment for a downstream service, generated from a subsegment sent by the service that called it.

Class Service

Information about an application that processed requests, users that made requests, or downstream services, resources and applications that an application used.

Class ServiceId

Class ServiceStatistics

Response statistics for a service.

Class TelemetryRecord

Class ThrottledException

XRay exception

Class Trace

A collection of segment documents with matching trace IDs.

Class TraceSummary

Metadata generated from the segment documents in a trace.

Class TraceUser

Information about a user recorded in segment documents.

Class UnprocessedTraceSegment

Information about a segment that failed processing.

Class ValueWithServiceIds

Information about a segment annotation.