Unity Version 3 Migration Guide

Version 3 of the AWS SDK for Unity is nearly completely compatible with version 2. To include the new version in your unity project, remove the contents of your Assets/AWSSDK folder, then replace them by importing the SDK version 3 .unitypackage files for the services you use. Then make the following changes if the apply to your project.

Change Description
Amazon.CognitoSync.SyncManger.SyncSuccessEvent and Amazon.CognitoSync.SyncManger.SyncSuccessEvent are renamed.

Use Amazon.CognitoSync.SyncManger.SyncSuccessEventArgs and Amazon.CognitoSync.SyncManger.SyncSuccessEventArgs instead, respectively.

Amazon.CognitoSync.SyncManger.Dataset.Synchronize is renamed.

Use Amazon.CognitoSync.SyncManger.Dataset.SynchronizeAsync instead.

Amazon.CognitoSync.SyncManger.Dataset.GetAll is removed.

Use Amazon.CognitoSync.Dataset.ActiveRecords instead.

Amazon.MobileAnalytics.MobileAnalyticsManager.GetOrCreateInstance has parameters appID, credentials, and regionEndpoint reordered. The deprecated overload has been removed.

Reorder the arguments to match the appropriate method signature. If you were using the deprecated overload, you must now provide the regionEndpoint parameter.

The AWS SDK Unity packages no longer ship with the awsconfig.xml file, previously located in Assets/AWSSDK/src/Core/Resources/.

Copy your awsconfig.xml from version 2 or create a new one, and place it in any folder named Resources within your Assets folder.

Amazon.UnityInitializer can now be attached to game objects in code.

It is recommended that you use UnityInitializer.AttachToGameObject(this.gameObject) from the Start or Awake methods of your game component, and remove the AWSPrefab from your scene altogether.

Methods QueryAsync<T>, FromQueryAsync<T>, ScanAsync<T>, and FromScanAsync<T> in Amazon.DynamoDBv2.DataModel.DynamoDBContext now have overloads with parameters AmazonDynamoDBCallback<AsyncSearch<T>> and AsyncOptions.

Use these versions of the the method instead of the counterparts that directly return an AsyncSearch<T> value.