Version 3 Migration Guide

Version 3 is the AWS SDK for .NET has a high level of compatibility with version 2. For most applications you will just need to remove the old reference to version 2 and add the reference to the services they are using. For instance, if you are using S3 and DynamoDB, you'll need to add references to AWSSDK.S3 and AWSSDK.DynamoDBv2. If you are using NuGet to get the SDK, the reference to our core runtime package - AWSSDK.Core will be added automatically. If you are getting the SDK from the installer on our website, then you will need to add a reference to AWSSDK.Core as well as to the service-specific assemblies.

Change Description
AWSClientFactory is removed

Use service client constructors instead of the AWSClientFactory

Amazon.Runtime.AssumeRoleAWSCredentials is removed

Use Amazon.SecurityToken.STSAssumeRoleAWSCredentials instead

Amazon.DynamoDBv2.DataModel.S3Link.SetACL is removed

Use Amazon.DynamoDBv2.DataModel.S3Link.MakeS3ObjectPublic instead

IStorageFile use is removed

The below properties and methods that utilize IStorageFile in mobile versions are being deprecated. String alternatives like FilePath should be used instead.

  • GetObjectResponse.WriteResponseStreamToFileAsync(IStorageFile, bool, CancellationToken)
  • PutObjectRequest.StorageFile
  • UploadPartRequest.StorageFile
  • TransferUtilityDownloadRequest.StorageFile
  • TransferUtilityUploadRequest.StorageFile
  • S3Link.UploadFromAsync(IStorageFile)
  • S3Link.DownloadToAsync(IStorageFile)

If you are migrating code that currently uses version 1 of the AWS SDK for .NET you can find an additional list of the changes made in the version 2 SDK that may affect your code migration here.