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UploadDirectoryProgressEvent Event
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The event for UploadDirectoryProgressEvent notifications. All subscribers will be notified when a new progress event is raised.

The UploadDirectoryProgressEvent is fired as data is uploaded to S3. The delegates attached to the event will be passed information detailing how much data has been uploaded as well as how much will be uploaded.

Declaration Syntax
public event EventHandler<UploadDirectoryProgressArgs> UploadDirectoryProgressEvent
Subscribe to this event if you want to receive UploadDirectoryProgressEvent notifications. Here is how:
1. Define a method with a signature similar to this one:
private void displayProgress(object sender, UploadDirectoryProgressArgs args)
2. Add this method to the UploadDirectoryProgressEvent delegate's invocation list
TransferUtilityUploadDirectoryRequest request = new TransferUtilityUploadDirectoryRequest();
request.UploadDirectoryProgressEvent += displayProgress;

Assembly: AWSSDK (Module: AWSSDK) Version: (