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GetInvalidationList Method (request)
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The GetInvalidationList operation will return back a list of all the invalidations done for a distribution for the current and previous billing period. If the list is long, you can paginate it using the MaxItems and Marker parameters
GetInvalidationListRequest request = new GetInvalidationListRequest();
request.DistributionId = distributionId;
GetInvalidationListResponse response = cfcClient.GetInvalidationList(request);
Declaration Syntax
public GetInvalidationListResponse GetInvalidationList(
	GetInvalidationListRequest request
request (GetInvalidationListRequest)
The GetInvalidationListRequest that defines the parameters of the operation. Distribution id is a required parameter.
Return Value
Returns a GetInvalidationListResponse from CloudFront.

Assembly: AWSSDK (Module: AWSSDK) Version: (