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SignUrlCanned Method (resourceUrlOrPath, keyPairId, privateKey, dateLessThan)
AmazonAmazon.CloudFrontAmazonCloudFrontUrlSignerSignUrlCanned(String, String, FileInfo, DateTime) Did this page help you?   Yes   No    Tell us about it...
Generate a signed URL that allows access to a specific distribution and S3 object by applying a access restrictions from a "canned" (simplified) policy document.
Declaration Syntax
public static string SignUrlCanned(
	string resourceUrlOrPath,
	string keyPairId,
	FileInfo privateKey,
	DateTime dateLessThan
resourceUrlOrPath (String)
The URL or path that uniquely identifies a resource within a distribution. For standard distributions the resource URL will be "http://" + distributionName + "/" + objectKey (may also include URL parameters. For distributions with the HTTPS required protocol, the resource URL must start with "https://". RTMP resources do not take the form of a URL, and instead the resource path is nothing but the stream's name.
keyPairId (String)
Identifier of a public/private certificate keypair already configured in your Amazon Web Services account.
privateKey (FileInfo)
The RSA private key data that corresponding to the certificate keypair identified by keyPairId.
dateLessThan (DateTime)
The time and date when the signed URL will expire.

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