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PutPipelineDefinition Method (putPipelineDefinitionRequest)
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Adds tasks, schedules, and preconditions that control the behavior of the pipeline. You can use PutPipelineDefinition to populate a new pipeline or to update an existing pipeline that has not yet been activated.

PutPipelineDefinition also validates the configuration as it adds it to the pipeline. Changes to the pipeline are saved unless one of the following three validation errors exists in the pipeline.

  1. An object is missing a name or identifier field.
  2. A string or reference field is empty.
  3. The number of objects in the pipeline exceeds the maximum allowed objects.

Pipeline object definitions are passed to the PutPipelineDefinition action and returned by the GetPipelineDefinition action.

Declaration Syntax
PutPipelineDefinitionResponse PutPipelineDefinition(
	PutPipelineDefinitionRequest putPipelineDefinitionRequest
putPipelineDefinitionRequest (PutPipelineDefinitionRequest)
Container for the necessary parameters to execute the PutPipelineDefinition service method on AmazonDataPipeline.
Return Value
The response from the PutPipelineDefinition service method, as returned by AmazonDataPipeline.

Assembly: AWSSDK (Module: AWSSDK) Version: (