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Scan Method (scanRequest)
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Retrieves one or more items and its attributes by performing a full scan of a table.

Provide a ScanFilter to get more specific results.

Declaration Syntax
ScanResponse Scan(
	ScanRequest scanRequest
scanRequest (ScanRequest)
Container for the necessary parameters to execute the Scan service method on AmazonDynamoDB.
Return Value
The response from the Scan service method, as returned by AmazonDynamoDB.

The following example shows how to scan items in a table.
Note: the Scan operation goes through every item in the table to check if the item matches all the scan conditions. This makes the Scan operation particularly slow and expensive (in terms of provisioned throughput).
We will now retrieve all items where the Pages attribute is greater than the numerical value "200" and where the Title attribute contains the string "Adventures".

CopyScan sample
// Create a client
AmazonDynamoDBClient client = new AmazonDynamoDBClient();

// Define scan conditions
Dictionary<string, Condition> conditions = new Dictionary<string,Condition>();

// Title attribute should contain the string "Adventures"
Condition titleCondition = new Condition();
titleCondition.WithAttributeValueList(new AttributeValue { S = "Adventures"});
conditions["Title"] = titleCondition;

// Pages attributes must be greater-than the numeric value "200"
Condition pagesCondition = new Condition();
pagesCondition.WithAttributeValueList(new AttributeValue { N = "200"});
conditions["Pages"] = pagesCondition;

// Define marker variable
Key startKey = null;

    // Create Scan request
    ScanRequest request = new ScanRequest
        TableName = "SampleTable",
        ExclusiveStartKey = startKey,
        ScanFilter = conditions

    // Issue request
    ScanResult result = client.Scan(request).ScanResult;

    // View all returned items
    List<Dictionary<string, AttributeValue>> items = result.Items;
    foreach (Dictionary<string, AttributeValue> item in items)
        foreach (var keyValuePair in item)
            Console.WriteLine("{0} : S={1}, N={2}, SS=[{3}], NS=[{4}]",
                string.Join(", ", keyValuePair.Value.SS.ToArray()),
                string.Join(", ", keyValuePair.Value.SS.ToArray()));

    // Set marker variable
    startKey = result.LastEvaluatedKey;
} while (startKey != null);

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