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UpdateTable Method (updateTableRequest)
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Updates the provisioned throughput for the given table. Setting the throughput for a table helps you manage performance and is part of the provisioned throughput feature of DynamoDB.

The provisioned throughput values can be upgraded or downgraded based on the maximums and minimums listed in the Limits section in the Amazon DynamoDB Developer Guide.

The table must be in the ACTIVE state for this operation to succeed. UpdateTable is an asynchronous operation; while executing the operation, the table is in the UPDATING state. While the table is in the UPDATING state, the table still has the provisioned throughput from before the call. The new provisioned throughput setting is in effect only when the table returns to the ACTIVE state after the UpdateTable operation.

You cannot add, modify or delete indexes using UpdateTable . Indexes can only be defined at table creation time.

Declaration Syntax
UpdateTableResponse UpdateTable(
	UpdateTableRequest updateTableRequest
updateTableRequest (UpdateTableRequest)
Container for the necessary parameters to execute the UpdateTable service method on AmazonDynamoDBv2.
Return Value
The response from the UpdateTable service method, as returned by AmazonDynamoDBv2.

This example shows how to update the throughput settings of a table. New throughput will be 40 ReadCapacityUnits and 50 WriteCapacityUnits.

CopyUpdateTable sample
// Create a client
AmazonDynamoDBClient client = new AmazonDynamoDBClient();

// Define new table throughput:
//  Table will now have capacity of 40 reads and 50 writes
ProvisionedThroughput throughput = new ProvisionedThroughput
    ReadCapacityUnits = 40,
    WriteCapacityUnits = 50

// Compose the UpdateTable request
UpdateTableRequest request = new UpdateTableRequest
    TableName = "SampleTable",
    ProvisionedThroughput = throughput

// View new table properties
TableDescription tableDescription = client.UpdateTable(request).UpdateTableResult.TableDescription;
Console.WriteLine("Table name: {0}", tableDescription.TableName);
Console.WriteLine("Throughput: Reads = {0}, Writes = {1}",

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