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DetachInternetGateway Method (request)
AmazonAmazon.EC2AmazonEC2ClientDetachInternetGateway(DetachInternetGatewayRequest) Did this page help you?   Yes   No    Tell us about it...
Detaches an Internet gateway from a VPC, disabling connectivity between the Internet and the VPC.
Declaration Syntax
public DetachInternetGatewayResponse DetachInternetGateway(
	DetachInternetGatewayRequest request
request (DetachInternetGatewayRequest)
Detach Internet Gateway request
Return Value
Detach Internet Gateway Response from the service
The VPC must not contain any running instances with elastic IP addresses. For more information about your VPC and Internet gateway, go to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud User Guide.

Assembly: AWSSDK (Module: AWSSDK) Version: (