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DeleteCacheCluster Method (deleteCacheClusterRequest)
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The DeleteCacheCluster operation deletes a previously provisioned cache cluster. DeleteCacheCluster deletes all associated cache nodes, node endpoints and the cache cluster itself. When you receive a successful response from this operation, Amazon ElastiCache immediately begins deleting the cache cluster; you cannot cancel or revert this operation.

Declaration Syntax
DeleteCacheClusterResponse DeleteCacheCluster(
	DeleteCacheClusterRequest deleteCacheClusterRequest
deleteCacheClusterRequest (DeleteCacheClusterRequest)
Container for the necessary parameters to execute the DeleteCacheCluster service method on AmazonElastiCache.
Return Value
The response from the DeleteCacheCluster service method, as returned by AmazonElastiCache.

Assembly: AWSSDK (Module: AWSSDK) Version: (