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DescribeConfigurationSettings Method (request)
AmazonAmazon.ElasticBeanstalkAmazonElasticBeanstalkDescribeConfigurationSettings(DescribeConfigurationSettingsRequest) Did this page help you?   Yes   No    Tell us about it...
Returns a description of the settings for the specified configuration set, that is, either a configuration template or the configuration set associated with a running environment.

When describing the settings for the configuration set associated with a running environment, it is possible to receive two sets of setting descriptions. One is the deployed configuration set, and the other is a draft configuration of an environment that is either in the process of deployment or that failed to deploy.

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Declaration Syntax
request (DescribeConfigurationSettingsRequest)
Container for the necessary parameters to execute the DescribeConfigurationSettings service method.
Return Value
The response from the DescribeConfigurationSettings service method, as returned by ElasticBeanstalk.

Assembly: AWSSDK (Module: AWSSDK) Version: (