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CreateEventSubscription Method (request)
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Creates an Amazon Redshift event notification subscription. This action requires an ARN (Amazon Resource Name) of an Amazon SNS topic created by either the Amazon Redshift console, the Amazon SNS console, or the Amazon SNS API. To obtain an ARN with Amazon SNS, you must create a topic in Amazon SNS and subscribe to the topic. The ARN is displayed in the SNS console.

You can specify the source type, and lists of Amazon Redshift source IDs, event categories, and event severities. Notifications will be sent for all events you want that match those criteria. For example, you can specify source type = cluster, source ID = my-cluster-1 and mycluster2, event categories = Availability, Backup, and severity = ERROR. The subscription will only send notifications for those ERROR events in the Availability and Backup categories for the specified clusters.

If you specify both the source type and source IDs, such as source type = cluster and source identifier = my-cluster-1, notifications will be sent for all the cluster events for my-cluster-1. If you specify a source type but do not specify a source identifier, you will receive notice of the events for the objects of that type in your AWS account. If you do not specify either the SourceType nor the SourceIdentifier, you will be notified of events generated from all Amazon Redshift sources belonging to your AWS account. You must specify a source type if you specify a source ID.

Declaration Syntax
public CreateEventSubscriptionResponse CreateEventSubscription(
	CreateEventSubscriptionRequest request
request (CreateEventSubscriptionRequest)
Container for the necessary parameters to execute the CreateEventSubscription service method.
Return Value
The response from the CreateEventSubscription service method, as returned by Redshift.
EventSubscriptionQuotaExceededException The request would exceed the allowed number of event subscriptions for this account. For information about increasing your quota, go to Limits in Amazon Redshift in the Amazon Redshift Management Guide.
SNSInvalidTopicException Amazon SNS has responded that there is a problem with the specified Amazon SNS topic.
SNSNoAuthorizationException You do not have permission to publish to the specified Amazon SNS topic.
SNSTopicArnNotFoundException An Amazon SNS topic with the specified Amazon Resource Name (ARN) does not exist.
SourceNotFoundException The specified Amazon Redshift event source could not be found.
SubscriptionAlreadyExistException There is already an existing event notification subscription with the specified name.
SubscriptionCategoryNotFoundException The value specified for the event category was not one of the allowed values, or it specified a category that does not apply to the specified source type. The allowed values are Configuration, Management, Monitoring, and Security.
SubscriptionEventIdNotFoundException An Amazon Redshift event with the specified event ID does not exist.
SubscriptionSeverityNotFoundException The value specified for the event severity was not one of the allowed values, or it specified a severity that does not apply to the specified source type. The allowed values are ERROR and INFO.

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