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DeleteCluster Method (request)
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Deletes a previously provisioned cluster. A successful response from the web service indicates that the request was received correctly. If a final cluster snapshot is requested the status of the cluster will be "final-snapshot" while the snapshot is being taken, then it's "deleting" once Amazon Redshift begins deleting the cluster. Use DescribeClusters to monitor the status of the deletion. The delete operation cannot be canceled or reverted once submitted. For more information about managing clusters, go to Amazon Redshift Clusters in the Amazon Redshift Management Guide.
Declaration Syntax
request (DeleteClusterRequest)
Container for the necessary parameters to execute the DeleteCluster service method.
Return Value
The response from the DeleteCluster service method, as returned by Redshift.
ClusterNotFoundException The ClusterIdentifier parameter does not refer to an existing cluster.
ClusterSnapshotAlreadyExistsException The value specified as a snapshot identifier is already used by an existing snapshot.
ClusterSnapshotQuotaExceededException The request would result in the user exceeding the allowed number of cluster snapshots.
InvalidClusterStateException The specified cluster is not in the

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