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CreateHostedZone Method (createHostedZoneRequest)
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This action creates a new hosted zone.

To create a new hosted zone, send a POST request to the 2013-04-01/hostedzone resource. The request body must include an XML document with a CreateHostedZoneRequest element. The response returns the CreateHostedZoneResponse element that contains metadata about the hosted zone.

Route 53 automatically creates a default SOA record and four NS records for the zone. The NS records in the hosted zone are the name servers you give your registrar to delegate your domain to. For more information about SOA and NS records, see NS and SOA Records that Route 53 Creates for a Hosted Zone in the Amazon Route 53 Developer Guide .

When you create a zone, its initial status is PENDING . This means that it is not yet available on all DNS servers. The status of the zone changes to INSYNC when the NS and SOA records are available on all Route 53 DNS servers.

Declaration Syntax
CreateHostedZoneResponse CreateHostedZone(
	CreateHostedZoneRequest createHostedZoneRequest
createHostedZoneRequest (CreateHostedZoneRequest)
Container for the necessary parameters to execute the CreateHostedZone service method on AmazonRoute53.
Return Value
The response from the CreateHostedZone service method, as returned by AmazonRoute53.

Assembly: AWSSDK (Module: AWSSDK) Version: (