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BeginUpload Method (filePath, bucketName, callback, state)
AmazonAmazon.S3.TransferTransferUtilityBeginUpload(String, String, AsyncCallback, Object) Did this page help you?   Yes   No    Tell us about it...
Initiates the asynchronous execution of the Upload operation.
Declaration Syntax
public IAsyncResult BeginUpload(
	string filePath,
	string bucketName,
	AsyncCallback callback,
	Object state
filePath (String)
The file path of the file to upload.
bucketName (String)
The target Amazon S3 bucket, that is, the name of the bucket to upload the file to.
callback (AsyncCallback)
An AsyncCallback delegate that is invoked when the operation completes.
state (Object)
A user-defined state object that is passed to the callback procedure. Retrieve this object from within the callback procedure using the AsyncState property.
Return Value
An IAsyncResult that can be used to poll, or wait for results, or both. This values is also needed when invoking EndUpload.

If you are uploading large files, TransferUtility will use multipart upload to fulfill the request. If a multipart upload is interrupted, TransferUtility will attempt to abort the multipart upload. Under certain circumstances (network outage, power failure, etc.), TransferUtility will not be able to abort the multipart upload. In this case, in order to stop getting charged for the storage of uploaded parts, you should manually invoke TransferUtility.AbortMultipartUploads() to abort the incomplete multipart uploads.

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