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ValidateV2Bucket Method (bucketName)
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Version2 S3 buckets adhere to RFC 1035:
  1. Less than 255 characters, with each label less than 63 characters.
  2. Label must start with a letter
  3. Label must end with a letter or digit
  4. Label can have a string of letter, digits and hyphens in the middle.
  5. Although names can be case-sensitive, no significance is attached to the case.
  6. RFC 1123: Allow label to start with letter or digit (e.g. works)
  7. RFC 2181: No restrictions apart from the length restrictions.
S3 V2 will start with RFCs 1035 and 1123 and impose the following additional restrictions:
  1. Length between 3 and 63 characters (to allow headroom for upper-level domains, as well as to avoid separate length restrictions for bucket-name and its labels
  2. Only lower-case to avoid user confusion.
  3. No dotted-decimal IPv4-like strings
Declaration Syntax
public static bool ValidateV2Bucket(
	string bucketName
bucketName (String)
The BucketName to validate if V2 addressing should be used
Return Value
True if the BucketName should use V2 bucket addressing, false otherwise
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