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WithUseSecureStringForAwsSecretKey Method (fSecure)
AmazonAmazon.SQSAmazonSQSConfigWithUseSecureStringForAwsSecretKey(Boolean) Did this page help you?   Yes   No    Tell us about it...
Sets the UseSecureString property. By default, the AWS Secret Access Key is stored in a SecureString (true) - this is one of the secure ways to store a secret provided by the .NET Framework. But, the use of SecureStrings is not supported in Medium Trust Windows Hosting environments. If you are building an ASP.NET application that needs to run with Medium Trust, set this property to false, and the client will not save your AWS Secret Key in a secure string. Changing the default to false can result in the Secret Key being vulnerable; please use this property judiciously.
Declaration Syntax
[ObsoleteAttribute("The With methods are obsolete and will be removed in version 2 of the AWS SDK for .NET. See for more information.")]
public AmazonSQSConfig WithUseSecureStringForAwsSecretKey(
	bool fSecure
fSecure (Boolean)
Whether a secure string should be used or not.
Return Value
The Config object with the property set
Storing the AWS Secret Access Key is not recommended unless absolutely necessary.
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