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DeleteExpiredSessions Method (dbClient, tableName)
AmazonAmazon.SessionProviderDynamoDBSessionStateStoreDeleteExpiredSessions(AmazonDynamoDB, String) Did this page help you?   Yes   No    Tell us about it...
A utility method for cleaning up expired sessions that IIS failed to delete. The method performs a scan on the table with a condition that the expiration date is in the past and calls delete on all the keys returned. Scans can be costly on performance so use this method sparingly like a nightly or weekly clean job.
Declaration Syntax
public static void DeleteExpiredSessions(
	AmazonDynamoDB dbClient,
	string tableName
dbClient (AmazonDynamoDB)
The AmazonDynamoDB client used to find a delete expired sessions.
tableName (String)
The table to search.

Assembly: AWS.SessionProvider (Module: AWS.SessionProvider) Version: (