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BatchPutAttributes Method (request)
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Batch Put Attributes
Declaration Syntax
public BatchPutAttributesResponse BatchPutAttributes(
	BatchPutAttributesRequest request
request (BatchPutAttributesRequest)
Batch Put Attributes request
Return Value
Batch Put Attributes Response from the service
The BatchPutAttributes operation creates or replaces attributes within one or more items. You specify the item name with the Item.X.ItemName parameter. You specify new attributes using a combination of the Item.X.Attribute.Y.Name and Item.X.Attribute.Y.Value parameters. You specify the first attribute for the first item by the parameters Item.0.Attribute.0.Name and Item.0.Attribute.0.Value, the second attribute for the first item by the parameters Item.0.Attribute.1.Name and Item.0.Attribute.1.Value, and so on. Attributes are uniquely identified within an item by their name/value combination. For example, a single item can have the attributes { "first_name", "first_value" } and { "first_name", second_value" }. However, it cannot have two attribute instances where both the Item.X.Attribute.Y.Name and Item.X.Attribute.Y.Value are the same. Optionally, the requestor can supply the Replace parameter for each individual value. Setting this value to true will cause the new attribute value to replace the existing attribute value(s). For example, if an item 'I' has the attributes { 'a', '1' }, { 'b', '2'} and { 'b', '3' } and the requestor does a BacthPutAttributes of {'I', 'b', '4' } with the Replace parameter set to true, the final attributes of the item will be { 'a', '1' } and { 'b', '4' }, replacing the previous values of the 'b' attribute with the new value.

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