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RecordActivityTaskHeartbeat Method (recordActivityTaskHeartbeatRequest)
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Used by activity workers to report to the service that the ActivityTask represented by the specified taskToken is still making progress. The worker can also (optionally) specify details of the progress, for example percent complete, using the details parameter. This action can also be used by the worker as a mechanism to check if cancellation is being requested for the activity task. If a cancellation is being attempted for the specified task, then the boolean cancelRequested flag returned by the service is set to true .

This action resets the taskHeartbeatTimeout clock. The taskHeartbeatTimeout is specified in RegisterActivityType.

This action does not in itself create an event in the workflow execution history. However, if the task times out, the workflow execution history will contain a ActivityTaskTimedOut event that contains the information from the last heartbeat generated by the activity worker.

NOTE: The taskStartToCloseTimeout of an activity type is the maximum duration of an activity task, regardless of the number of RecordActivityTaskHeartbeat requests received. The taskStartToCloseTimeout is also specified in RegisterActivityType.

NOTE: This operation is only useful for long-lived activities to report liveliness of the task and to determine if a cancellation is being attempted.

IMPORTANT: If the cancelRequested flag returns true, a cancellation is being attempted. If the worker can cancel the activity, it should respond with RespondActivityTaskCanceled. Otherwise, it should ignore the cancellation request.

Access Control

You can use IAM policies to control this action's access to Amazon SWF resources as follows:

If the caller does not have sufficient permissions to invoke the action, or the parameter values fall outside the specified constraints, the action fails by throwing OperationNotPermitted . For details and example IAM policies, see Using IAM to Manage Access to Amazon SWF Workflows.

Declaration Syntax
RecordActivityTaskHeartbeatResponse RecordActivityTaskHeartbeat(
	RecordActivityTaskHeartbeatRequest recordActivityTaskHeartbeatRequest
recordActivityTaskHeartbeatRequest (RecordActivityTaskHeartbeatRequest)
Container for the necessary parameters to execute the RecordActivityTaskHeartbeat service method on AmazonSimpleWorkflow.
Return Value
The response from the RecordActivityTaskHeartbeat service method, as returned by AmazonSimpleWorkflow.

Assembly: AWSSDK (Module: AWSSDK) Version: (