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DeleteVolume Method (deleteVolumeRequest)
AmazonAmazon.StorageGatewayAmazonStorageGatewayClientDeleteVolume(DeleteVolumeRequest) Did this page help you?   Yes   No    Tell us about it...

This operation delete the specified gateway volume that you previously created using the CreateStorediSCSIVolume API. For gateway-stored volumes, the local disk that was configured as the storage volume is not deleted. You can reuse the local disk to create another storage volume.

Before you delete a gateway volume, make sure there are no iSCSI connections to the volume you are deleting. You should also make sure there is no snapshot in progress. You can use the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) API to query snapshots on the volume you are deleting and check the snapshot status. For more information, go to DescribeSnapshots in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud API Reference .

In the request, you must provide the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the storage volume you want to delete.

Declaration Syntax
public DeleteVolumeResponse DeleteVolume(
	DeleteVolumeRequest deleteVolumeRequest
deleteVolumeRequest (DeleteVolumeRequest)
Container for the necessary parameters to execute the DeleteVolume service method on AmazonStorageGateway.
Return Value
The response from the DeleteVolume service method, as returned by AmazonStorageGateway.

Assembly: AWSSDK (Module: AWSSDK) Version: (