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Amazon.CloudFront_2012_03_15 Namespace
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Declaration Syntax
namespace Amazon.CloudFront_2012_03_15
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AmazonCloudFront Obsolete.
Interface for Amazon CloudFront Clients. For more information about Amazon CloudFront,

AmazonCloudFrontClient Obsolete.
AmazonCloudFrontClient is an implementation of AmazonCloudFront; the client allows you to manage your CloudFront distributions and origin access identities.
If you want to use the AmazonCloudFrontClient from a Medium Trust hosting environment, please create the client with an AmazonCloudFrontConfig object whose UseSecureStringForAwsSecretKey property is false.

AmazonCloudFrontConfig Obsolete.
Configuration for Amazon CloudFront Client.

Amazon CloudFront Exception provides details of errors returned by Amazon CloudFront service