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Amazon.DynamoDB.Model Namespace
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Declaration Syntax
namespace Amazon.DynamoDB.Model
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AttributeValue can be String , Number , Binary , StringSet , NumberSet , BinarySet .


Specifies the attribute to update and how to perform the update. Possible values: PUT (default), ADD or DELETE .

Container for the parameters to the BatchGetItem operation.

Retrieves the attributes for multiple items from multiple tables using their primary keys.

The maximum number of item attributes that can be retrieved for a single operation is 100. Also, the number of items retrieved is constrained by a 1 MB the size limit. If the response size limit is exceeded or a partial result is returned due to an internal processing failure, Amazon DynamoDB returns an UnprocessedKeys value so you can retry the operation starting with the next item to get.

Amazon DynamoDB automatically adjusts the number of items returned per page to enforce this limit. For example, even if you ask to retrieve 100 items, but each individual item is 50k in size, the system returns 20 items and an appropriate UnprocessedKeys value so you can get the next page of results. If necessary, your application needs its own logic to assemble the pages of results into one set.

Returns information about the BatchGetItemResult response and response metadata.

Batch Get Item Result


The item attributes from a response in a specific table, along with the read resources consumed on the table during the request.

Container for the parameters to the BatchWriteItem operation.

Allows to execute a batch of Put and/or Delete Requests for many tables in a single call. A total of 25 requests are allowed.

There are no transaction guarantees provided by this API. It does not allow conditional puts nor does it support return values.

Returns information about the BatchWriteItemResult response and response metadata.


A container for BatchWriteItem response

Batch Write Response


AmazonDynamoDB exception

Container for the parameters to the CreateTable operation.

Adds a new table to your account.

The table name must be unique among those associated with the AWS Account issuing the request, and the AWS Region that receives the request (e.g. us-east-1 ).

The CreateTable operation triggers an asynchronous workflow to begin creating the table. Amazon DynamoDB immediately returns the state of the table ( CREATING ) until the table is in the ACTIVE state. Once the table is in the ACTIVE state, you can perform data plane operations.

Returns information about the CreateTableResult response and response metadata.

Create Table Result

Container for the parameters to the DeleteItem operation.

Deletes a single item in a table by primary key.

You can perform a conditional delete operation that deletes the item if it exists, or if it has an expected attribute value.

Returns information about the DeleteItemResult response and response metadata.

Delete Item Result


A container for a Delete BatchWrite request

Container for the parameters to the DeleteTable operation.

Deletes a table and all of its items.

If the table is in the ACTIVE state, you can delete it. If a table is in CREATING or UPDATING states then Amazon DynamoDB returns a ResourceInUseException . If the specified table does not exist, Amazon DynamoDB returns a ResourceNotFoundException .

Returns information about the DeleteTableResult response and response metadata.

Delete Table Result

Container for the parameters to the DescribeTable operation.

Retrieves information about the table, including the current status of the table, the primary key schema and when the table was created.

If the table does not exist, Amazon DynamoDB returns a ResourceNotFoundException .

Returns information about the DescribeTableResult response and response metadata.

Describe Table Result


Allows you to provide an attribute name, and whether or not Amazon DynamoDB should check to see if the attribute value already exists; or if the attribute value exists and has a particular value before changing it.

Container for the parameters to the GetItem operation.

Retrieves a set of Attributes for an item that matches the primary key.

The GetItem operation provides an eventually-consistent read by default. If eventually-consistent reads are not acceptable for your application, use ConsistentRead . Although this operation might take longer than a standard read, it always returns the last updated value.

Returns information about the GetItemResult response and response metadata.

Get Item Result

AmazonDynamoDB exception


The primary key that uniquely identifies each item in a table. A primary key can be a one attribute (hash) primary key or a two attribute (hash-and-range) primary key.

Keys And Attributes


The KeySchema identifies the primary key as a one attribute primary key (hash) or a composite two attribute (hash-and-range) primary key. Single attribute primary keys have one index value: a HashKeyElement . A composite hash-and-range primary key contains two attribute values: a HashKeyElement and a RangeKeyElement .


KeySchemaElement is the primary key (hash or hash-and-range) structure for the table.

AmazonDynamoDB exception

Container for the parameters to the ListTables operation.

Retrieves a paginated list of table names created by the AWS Account of the caller in the AWS Region (e.g. us-east-1 ).

Returns information about the ListTablesResult response and response metadata.

List Tables Result


Provisioned throughput reserves the required read and write resources for your table in terms of ReadCapacityUnits and WriteCapacityUnits . Values for provisioned throughput depend upon your expected read/write rates, item size, and consistency. Provide the expected number of read and write operations, assuming an item size of 1k and strictly consistent reads. For 2k item size, double the value. For 3k, triple the value, etc. Eventually-consistent reads consume half the resources of strictly consistent reads.

Provisioned Throughput Description

AmazonDynamoDB exception

Container for the parameters to the PutItem operation.

Creates a new item, or replaces an old item with a new item (including all the attributes).

If an item already exists in the specified table with the same primary key, the new item completely replaces the existing item. You can perform a conditional put (insert a new item if one with the specified primary key doesn't exist), or replace an existing item if it has certain attribute values.

Returns information about the PutItemResult response and response metadata.

Put Item Result


A container for a Put BatchWrite request

Container for the parameters to the Query operation.

Gets the values of one or more items and its attributes by primary key (composite primary key, only).

Narrow the scope of the query using comparison operators on the RangeKeyValue of the composite key. Use the ScanIndexForward parameter to get results in forward or reverse order by range key.

Returns information about the QueryResult response and response metadata.

Query Result

AmazonDynamoDB exception

AmazonDynamoDB exception

Container for the parameters to the Scan operation.

Retrieves one or more items and its attributes by performing a full scan of a table.

Provide a ScanFilter to get more specific results.

Returns information about the ScanResult response and response metadata.

Scan Result

Table Description

Container for the parameters to the UpdateItem operation.

Edits an existing item's attributes.

You can perform a conditional update (insert a new attribute name-value pair if it doesn't exist, or replace an existing name-value pair if it has certain expected attribute values).

Returns information about the UpdateItemResult response and response metadata.

Update Item Result

Container for the parameters to the UpdateTable operation.

Updates the provisioned throughput for the given table.

Setting the throughput for a table helps you manage performance and is part of the Provisioned Throughput feature of Amazon DynamoDB.

Returns information about the UpdateTableResult response and response metadata.

Update Table Result


This structure is a Union of PutRequest and DeleteRequest. It can contain exactly one of PutRequest or DeleteRequest . Never Both. This is enforced in the code.