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Tags Property
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The tag to be created or updated. Each tag should be defined by its resource type, resource ID, key, value, and a propagate flag. The resource type and resource ID identify the type and name of resource for which the tag is created. Currently, auto-scaling-group is the only supported resource type. The valid value for the resource ID is groupname. The PropagateAtLaunch flag defines whether the new tag will be applied to instances launched by the Auto Scaling group. Valid values are true or false. However, instances that are already running will not get the new or updated tag. Likewise, when you modify a tag, the updated version will be applied only to new instances launched by the Auto Scaling group after the change. Running instances that had the previous version of the tag will continue to have the older tag. When you create a tag and a tag of the same name already exists, the operation overwrites the previous tag definition, but you will not get an error message.
Declaration Syntax
public List<Tag> Tags { get; set; }

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