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RankExpression Property
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The expression to evaluate for ranking or thresholding while processing a search request. The RankExpression syntax is based on JavaScript expressions and supports: Intermediate results are calculated as double precision floating point values. The final return value of a RankExpression is automatically converted from floating point to a 32-bit unsigned integer by rounding to the nearest integer, with a natural floor of 0 and a ceiling of max(uint32_t), 4294967295. Mathematical errors such as dividing by 0 will fail during evaluation and return a value of 0. The source data for a RankExpression can be the name of an IndexField of type uint, another RankExpression or the reserved name text_relevance. The text_relevance source is defined to return an integer from 0 to 1000 (inclusive) to indicate how relevant a document is to the search request, taking into account repetition of search terms in the document and proximity of search terms to each other in each matching IndexField in the document. For more information about using rank expressions to customize ranking, see the Amazon CloudSearch Developer Guide.


1 - 10240

Declaration Syntax
public string RankExpression { get; set; }

Assembly: AWSSDK (Module: AWSSDK) Version: (